The Main Gate
Mega Man Legends Fan Art Gallery

History of TMG

If you stumbled upon this URL in an old fan game, or you're an MML fan who was part of the community way back, you may have come here expecting to find something other than a fan art gallery. Well, it was more, from 2004 to 2014.

Back when The Main Gate was founded, I (fAB) was already creating the ultimate MML fan site, known as Mega Man Legends Station. MMLS was going to cover every aspect of the games in detail, and the series was already more or less dormant news-wise, so there wasn't much need for anyone else out there to create other MML websites, conventionally speaking. But it's such a great series, and I wanted to see more people doing smaller, less conventional sites. Maybe a fan shrine devoted to their favorite character(s) with a more personal vibe than MMLS's "encyclopedic" approach. Things like that.

The web didn't have very good free hosting options back then, nor did it have automatic site template generators. I was ready to bypass both problems by hosting and helping design and code websites for anyone with a cool MML website idea. That's what The Main Gate was originally all about, a central hub for a collection of small MML fan sites. I got the ball rolling by starting a few myself.

The Main Gate Hub in 2005

I thought (and still think) that TMG's concept was really cool, but things never materialized. Most of the small sites that came and went over the years were my own projects, or were prompted by me but never panned out because the people I recruited never came through with content.

When it came time to finally give up the ghost, I figured I might as well not waste the established URL, so I turned it into a fan art gallery for my own MML artwork. Thus it stands.